Introductory letters from Lycée Pasteur,São Paulo,Brazil (9th graders)

April-June 2002

Hello, my name is Michel S, I'm 15 years old, I am Brazilian. My father is Brazilian and French. My mother is Brazilian, German and French. I live in São Paulo, Brazil because a big part of my mother's and my father's family live here so, me too.
I study at a French school because my father and my mother have already studied here so they want me to study here too.
I like sports very much , watching television, playing on the computer and listening to the radio. I hate maths and disorganisation.
What is your name? How old are you? What do you like and dislike?


Hi !
My name is Antoine N. , I 'm 13 years old.I'm Brazilian and I live with my parents ,my brother and my sister.My brother' s name is Jean . He's 15 years old and my sister 's name is Annabelle and she 's 9 years old.I study at the Lycee Pasteur , a French school.My father 's family lives in France and Lebanon , so my father put me in a French school, so that I can communicate with my family , because they speak only Lebaneese , French , and of course English.My brother also studied at the Lycee Pasteur , but now he' s studying in a Brazilian school.
Now I' m going to talk about what I like and I don t like. I like my school very much , because of my friends and some teachers...I like English , Maths , Brazilian Geography , Portuguese , and of course sports!!I don t like the History and Geography of France.
Now I'd like to know more about you:
What' s your name, where do you live , what are your hobbies, what do you do in your free-time , what type of music do you like , OK , bye now
Antoine N.


I'm Michele, I'm fourteen years old and I'm Brazilian. What about you?
Actually I'm also French (my grandmother was born there) but I've never been there, that's why I study at the Lycée Pasteur (it's a French school). I live here in Brazil, in São Paulo, because my mother and my father are Brazilian and I was born here. I've got also Egyptian origins (my grandfather was Egyptian).
I like music, I love dancing "belly dance" (it's an Arabian dance), I like meeting new people too and I love chocolate!!!
I hate the kind of music that Brazilians like to listen to (we call it funk and axé) and I hate cowardly people! (the kind of people that like to say bad things about you at your back but cannot tell them when you're looking at him/her)
What about you? Where are you from? Where do you live? What is your name and how old are you???? What do you like and hate???
I hope we'll be good friends...
Write me soon,

My name's Julie and I'm a thirteen years old Brazilian girl, and you?
In fact, I'm also French because my father was born in France. I live here in Brazil because my mother is Brazilian and both my mother and my father work here. When I was three I lived in France and that's why now I study at Lycee Pasteur to go back to France when I finish school. And you, where are you from?
I'm interested in drawing and reading (actually everything that is connected with arts); I like to spend hours and hours reading a book or even drawing persons. I love talking with my friends on the telephone, and I can spend a lot of time doing this ( my parents don't like it very much when the telephone bill arrives at the end of the month). I like Manu Chao (the French singer) and even more Red Hot Chili Peppers. I hate imature people and people that say bad things about things they don't even know.
What about you? What are your interests? What kind of things you like and hate? What kind of music do you like?
Write me soon.


-My name is Catarina but people usually call me Cathy. I'm a13 years (14 on 06 May). What about you? My parents are divorced and my father married again. I have a half-brother, João Francisco (5months old) and a half-sister Isabel who is 4 years old.
-I'm Brazilian but if I told you my parents' origin it would take far too long. Maybe in some other e-mail.
-I don't study in a French school for any particular reason. My parents were convinced that I should learn at least a second language well. At first they chose an English school but (thanks god, I would hate to study in such an unliberal school with uniforms and all this stuff) after three years they decided to change as my parents didn't like the metod. And here I am .

-I'm a Brazilian fencing champion (If you happen not to know what that is (although in Europe there are far more persons that practice it than in Brazil) it is a duel with swords. (we are protected of course and the sword doesn't really cut) the one which the three mousketeers fight). My hobbies are indoor rock climbing ,reading and listening to music. Which ones are yours? Do you like to read? I hope you do, we would have an endless source of conversation.

Write back soon,

My name is Leonard S..I'm 14 years old. I'm Brazilian and I
live in São Paulo!I have one brother and one sister!I like skating
football and tv!
I hate school, Maths and tennis!
What is your name? What is your nationality?


Hi,my name is Daniel and l'm fourteen.I have long blond hair and blue eyes.I like playing soccer and skateboarding.I like all kinds of music and parties. And you?What do you look like?How old are you?What do you like doing?What kind of music do you like?etc...
If you could,answer me.


My name is Georges K. and my nickname is Didjo. My sisters and I are Brazilian. I am 15 years old. My parents are Lebanese. We live in Brazil because here it's so beautiful and we love living here. I like doing many sports, like basketball, football, volleyball, etc… I like going to school to see my friends, and to study (sure) .
See you,


My name is Paola A., and I am 14 years old. I was born in New York City since my parents were both working in the USA at that time. I came to Brazil when I was only 4 months old.

My parents are Brazilian but descendants of Portuguese and Italians. My father works in the entertainment industry and my mother is a teacher.

I study at Lycee Pasteur ( a French school) in Sao Paulo because my family believes it is important to be able to communicate in other languages and to know other cultures as well.

I like to play volleyball and swim very much. My favourite TV show is " Friends ".

I also enjoy reading thrillers and novels. I like going to the movies except to watch thrillers, as they tend to scare me sometimes.

I would be very interested to know where you come from, what your favorite hobbies are and what you like to do in your spare time.

Looking forward to your answer,


Paola Aliperti


I'm Maria-Claudia, I will be 14 years old in March and I'm Brazilian.
I study at this French school because my mum "lived" in France for a while
and my brothers are French (I have two brothers). Even though my mum
"lived"in France, she is Brazilian, like almost alll my family and that's why I live here in Brazil.
I like sports, going out with my friends, talking or writing to friends (I prefer writing on the computer). I like babies and children, I enjoy
going to the movies, theaters. I can't bear reading books! ( Of course there are some rare exeptions...)
What about you? I wanna know about you and I really hope that we become friends very quickly!!!

P.S.: I prefer a girl to be my e-pal.



How are you? It's always nice to make new friends!

My name is Marc L., I am thirteen and I have lived in Saõ Paulo - Brazil's largest city - since 1998 when I came here with my family (in fact there is only me and my parents). I entered the Lycée Pasteur four years ago, in CM2, and now I'm in 3ème. I like this school very much because, like elsewhere in Brazil, everybody is very friendly and joyful.

I am Spanish, and before I came to Brazil I lived in countries like Mexico, Chile and the Dominican Republic...but never in Spain! My mother is Spanish and my father is Swiss.

My favorite subjects at school are physics and maths, and the ones I like less are Portuguese and Painting.
My hobbies are playing football and tennis, and also skiing, but I don't get as many opportunities as I would like! I also love reading and I'm beginning to be interested in photography. I prefer "old time" music, like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Queen, but I also enjoy the others.

I hope to hear from you soon, and to know a little about you and your school. This exercise can be lots of fun!

Best regards,


My name is Juliano C. and I am 14 years old.
I am Brazilian but my father is Swiss and my mother is Brazilian. I like Brazil very much because it is a tropical country and I have been living here since I was born. I study in a French school because part of my family lives in Switzerland so there I must speak French.
I like football very much, computers, surfing, skateboarding, and a lot of things too. But I don't like reading very much. And how about you? What do you like or dislike? Do you like computers? And what is your name? How old are you? Where do you live? Do you like music, skateboarding?
Well I will wait for an answer.


My name is Pedro, I am 14 years old.I'm French-Brazilian, I was born in São Paulo on 04/11/1988. My parents are both Brazilian but, my granmother is French. I live here because I was born here and I like it here. I study at a French school because of my grandmother. She wanted us to study French.
I really like music specialy classic, old rock like "Queen" and "Led Zeppelin", and Jazz. I dislike heavy metal and rap.
What's your name?
Where do you live?
How old are you?
What do you like/dislike?

My name is Jean-Philippe and I live in Brazil. I am 14 years old. I study at the Lycée Pasteur that is in São Paulo, but my residence is in Mairiporã in the middle of the mountains. I have a brother who is called Christophe and he is 12 years old. I have a sister too but she is 24 and she lives in another city named Campinas.
My father is French and my mother is Brazilian, so I am Franco-Brazilian. I like sports very much , specially, football and volleyball. I like playing Ping-Pong, swimming, and handball.
I love Nature, and I like playing MAGIC. I like playing computer's games like AGE OF EMPIRES, and video-games (The Legends of ZELDA), I like watching MTV, and listening to limkin park and Shakira.
AND WHAT ABOUT YOU? What is your name? Where do you study? Where are you from? How old are you? What do you like/dislike?

My name is Gabriel.I'm from Brazil.I live in São Paulo .I'm thirteen years old.I have one brother and one sister .My brother Marco is sixteen years old,and my sister Amã is eight.I like playing football,swimming,voleyball and handball.I live with my parents. I don't like athletism.I like living in Brazil because I like our music (samba) >our beaches and football.My mum's origin is Spanish and my father's origin is italian.I study in a French school because my parents lived in France for 3 years .My brother and my sister study at the Lycée Pasteur too.


My name is Loic, I am 15 years old, I am French- Brazilian.
My mother is French and my father was Brazilian.I have two dogs and one cat.
I like sports,I like heavy metal,Ilike girls,I like my guitar,I like my
compositions.I dislike the system in Brazil,I dislike French rap,I dislike videogames and
what's your name?
what's your nationality?
what do you do?


Here's some information about ME
age:14 years old
parents (mother):Brazilian
parents (father):French

I like practicing radical sports , playing soccer, kissing girls,
eating, and I like playing on the computer.

I dislike reading, fighting with the other students, doing homework, and
I dislike going to sleep early.

My name is: Gabriela. I'm fifteen years old. I'm Franco---Brazilian
I study at the Lycée Pasteur, a French school and I live in São Paulo, Brazil
I speak: French, Portuguese, a little Spanish and English
My mother is French and my dad is Portuguese from "Macau, China"
I have one sister who is nineteen years old and who lives in
France at "Monptellier". I like sports, animals, reading fiction and detective
stories, TV,computer,music in general except rap, rag, rock,

Hope to hear from you soon.

Hello there,

My name is Ivan. I'm a 14 year old Brazilian boy. All my family is Brazilian but with different origins like Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Lebanese.

I live here in São Paulo, Brazil, because it's where I was born, but I lived two years and a half in France in 1993 so I learnt how to read and write there and this is why I have been studying in a French school since I came back to Brazil.

Both my parents are science PhD and teach in a university. I have a nine- year -old brother who studies at the same school as I do.

I like many things: collecting and playing the TCG (Trading Card Game)
Magic, playing the bass (the instrument), few sports, video games,good food,
Most kinds of rock music, comics (I draw some myself too), cooking, etc

But there are some things I dislike: pop music fanatics, trash music, it sounds childish and I don't like most vegetables.

Now some questions about you, e-pal:

What is your name?
How old are you?
Where do you live? (Don't worry I won't send you anything
Which kind of music do you prefer?
What do you collect? If you collect anything
Hope to hear from you soon,

My name is Dora and I am French. I'm fourteen years old and I have a seventeen -year -old sister- she's Brazilian. I have been living in Brazil since 1995 because my mother's family lives here.
My parents are divorced and I live here with my mother (who's Portuguese). My father lives in France. I study at the Lycée Pasteur because I'm going to study in France.
I like dancing Brazilian dance and also international dance. I'm learning to play the guitar and I love it! I also love Brazil (travelling, meeting new people, going to beautiful exotic beaches) but I prefer France (it's a better place to live).
I hate false people and I don't like stressed persons either because I'm always cool...
What about you? What's your name and where are you from? What do you like/dislike? I want to know everything about you!
Write me soon, please!


How are you?

My name is Marina. I'm fourteen years old and I live in São Paulo, the biggest city of Brazil, capital of São Paulo state. I'm Brazilian like my parents, here the official language is Portuguese. I live here with my parents, but I have some relatives who live in other cities of São Paulo state like Campinas, Limeira, São José dos Campos and São José do Rio Preto.
What about you?
Well, I study at a French school because my mum works in front of it and she spoke French before I was born. I like going to school because I have a lot of friends. I don't like very much History because it is so boring!!
I love sports, mainly volleyball and handball. In my club, I practise jazz and modern dance. Do you like sports and dance too?
Once or twice a month, I go to São José dos Campos, a city inland, about 100 km from São Paulo city, to visit my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.
In my free time, I like playing computers games, watching TV, reading Portuguese books, going to cinema with my friends, and so on.
What do you like doing in your free time?
Well, I wish you good things!!


Hello dear e-pal,
My name is Guilherme. I am fourteen years old, and I
am Brazilian. I was born in São Paulo, just like my mother. But my father was born
in São Caetano do Sul. In fact they are all Brazilians. I am living here, in São
Paulo, for a simple reason: I am Brazilian, and 80% of my family live here too.
I'was born here, so, I like my country. I like the "life style" in Brazil, it's
very diferent from Switzerland or France. I can say that because I lived in
Switzerland for 6 years.
Brazil is a happy country, with people from all nationalities and from all parts of the world.
I have got 2 brothers, one who is thirteen years old and another older than me, he is seventeen.
About the French school: I don't know much of the story, I know only that it's a
bilingual school, Portuguese and French, with English beginning in 6eme and
another language you choose in 4ème: German or Spanish.
I like practising sports, and one of those sports is SkateBoarding. I just love it!
I enjoy my time with my Skate very much. I love doing tricks, and making new moves when I can. I like playing football too, and I am sure that all Brazilians play it too. I like going to the cinema with my friends, or just enjoy my time with them. And finally I dislike the famous "clubbers". very much I don't like their style, their way to thinking and doing things.
And how about you?
What's your name? What's your nationality? Where do you live?
Tell me about you!
See you!

I'm Guilhem
I'm 15 years old, and i am Brazilian and French.My mother is Brazilian and my father is French!I live in Brazil because I love Brazil.I stay in the French school because I like the French school!I have one sister. I love heavy metal!I hate Brazilian music!I like all kinds of sports!I like chocolate etc...
What your name???
What about you???
What kind of things do you like?
What is your name/nationality?
How old are you?